Traditional Chinese Cultural Programme


Understanding Chinese Culture: Non-Chinese Speaking Students 

Hong Kong is a city with a remarkable convergence of both Chinese and Western cultures, with people of different ethnicities living together. By learning Chinese culture, non-Chinese speaking students (NCS) may know more about China, the social environment, and the customs of the place they currently live in. This is helpful to their immersion into the community. Moreover, they can deepen their knowledge of the features of various cultures worldwide through understanding the unique Hong Kong culture constituted by different ethnicities. As a result, they enhance their personality, learn to respect people with different ethnicities, and accept diversified cultures around the world with an open mind, which facilitates peace and harmony.

Heritage Connect Ltd provides bilingual Chinese cultural educational services to support the learning of NCS. Designed by experienced Chinese teachers, our programmes and curricula appropriately incorporate elements of Chinese culture, enabling students to learn about the folk customs and Chinese culture of Hong Kong from different perspectives. This enhances students' understanding of Chinese civilization, fosters respect for different cultures, creates an atmosphere for learning the Chinese language and history, and promotes cultural integration.


香港乃文化薈萃之地,有不同種族的人居住。非華語學生 (NCS) 學習中華文化,既可以多認識中國,也可以多了解現在所身處的香港社會環境與民俗文化。透過文化紛陳,讓學生更好地融入社區,加深了解世界不同文化的獨特之處,提升自身的素養,學會尊重不同民族,廣納世界多元文化。



1.    加強支援非華語學生的中文學與教 - 新撥款安排 (教育局通告第8/2020號)